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September 30th, 2016

The Decline of the Torygraph

The British Daily Telegraph, which I read nearly every morning as it’s been the only morning paper I can bear,  is becoming progressively  (pun intended) more  and more like  The Guardian (except for its political coverage). Two examples, taken more or less at random.

First, from the obituaries column, which used to be by far the best in any of the British dailies.

Fr Gabriele Amorth, the famous exorcist, is sneered at mercilessly because of his dislike of Harry Potter and his disapproval of yoga and  transcendental meditation, both of which stem from Hinduism and can lead people away from the Church. If that is prejudice, it is one shared by  popes, as well as by virtually all evangelical Protestants.

The Telegraph quotes “the Catholic journalist Cristina Odone” to the effect that  Fr Amorth is  a caricature from the Protestant Truth Society, who should be sent to spend the rest of his life in a Trappist monastery. Ms Odone, though she is regularly consulted by the British media when they want a liberal  slant on a particular religious  story, is hardly a Catholic; she is a French letter liberal who was  appalled by the election of Benedict XVI. On the BBC’s Newsnight  programme she was asked  by  anchorman Jeremy Paxman why she remained in the Church if she couldn’t accept its teachings. A very good question which never receives a satisfactory answer.

My second example is from  the women’s pages. Columnist Allison Pearson tells how she ranted at  her teenage daughter  for having a small tattoo inked on her upper chest, without permission. (No, that’s not the point of the story, as you will see.)

I must have shrieked. ‘Mummy, calm down,’ she said. ‘It’s no big deal, OK?’ She sighed extravagantly in her best ‘How are you supposed to educate these impossible women they give you as a mother?’ manner.  ‘Pretty much everyone gets a tattoo now,’ she said reasonably.

I did not feel reasonable. My reaction to the defacing of my baby’s perfect body was visceral. ‘You are not everyone,’ I said feebly. ‘I told you when you persuaded me to let you get you ears pierced at 11 that I would disinherit you if you ever got a tattoo.’

‘I don’t remember that conversation,’ she said. ‘Anyway, you always say a woman’s body is her own to do with as she pleases, don’t you.’

Oh marvellous. Now the minx is playing the women’s right to choose card against me.

(Stress Ms Pearson’s, not mine.) So the Torygraph’s star women’s writer is a militant pro-abort. Oh marvellous indeed.




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