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May 17th, 2016

Nasty and Dirty

I am delighted that so many people are strongly criticising the Pope’s latest apostolic exhortation. As you might expect, one of the best comments comes from Fr John Hunwicke:

 Many people very much more holy and learned than I am have spoken of the great riches and beauties which are to be found in Amoris Laetitia. Since, we are told, portions of it were added at the request of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, I see no reason why this should not be true. But I think footnote 329 is thoroughly Nasty and Dirty. It is dealing with the idea that “remarried” divorcees might live together as brother and sister. But, in the course of doing this, it quotes Gaudium et Spes. Since the Conciliar Document is referring ad locum to the SPACING of families by married couples, this misrepresents the Council. It is always Nasty and Dirty to tell lies, particularly when it is a case of radically misrepresenting the teaching of an ecclesiastical organ … an Ecumenical Council … to which Christian people might feel they owed a duty of respect.

And, finally, this footnote appears to accept by implication the proposition that the Grace of God is not able to give Christian people the strength to live in accordance with His will. That is Nasty and Dirty. The Church has always taught that Chastity is within the reach of those who live in God’s grace. Millions of Christians have found this to be true.

Indeed, this repulsive little footnote really does draw back the lace curtain on the Nastiness and the Dirt to be found inside the Holy Father’s House of “Mercy”. Some people, we are informed, point out that if “remarried” divorcees live together without sex, one or both of them will be in danger of cheating on their new quasi-spouse. Surprise, surprise! One, at least, and perhaps both, have almost certainly already cheated on another and lawful spouse; is there really any reason why they should not cheat on a new and unlawful “spouse”? Go on: be realistic! Isn’t it what we should expect? And this footnote does not even put into the mouths of the “couple” the sentiment If we try to live as brother and sister we shall probably fall, and end up in bed together. That, at least, would be human and honest. And it could be given a gentle and understanding pastoral answer. But No! Footnote 329 says it is the “fidelity” of the new quasi-marriage which will be endangered. In other words, Cardinal Marx’s “remarried” divorcees are making the threat You’ve got to let us have sex together because if you don’t we’ll have sex anyway … BUT WITH OTHER PEOPLE!! So there !!!  A seedy lot, both the Cardinal and the adulterers he so enthusiastically sponsors.

However, since a new relationship has, by producing children, created new obligations, this situation should, we are often told, be accepted. If it is true that quasi-union II can do this, why should quasi-union III not do the same? The idea that Adultery can, as it were, be regularised by the emergence of a new economic unit, a second family, has endless ramifications!

Paradoxically, we should, I think, thank God for the very open Nastiness and Dirtiness of Footnote 329. At least we know where we are, and the sort of people we are dealing with.

Talking of Nastiness and Dirtiness, I don’t suppose you knew that today is the International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia, for some reason shortened to IDAHOT. I don’t know what they mean by Biphobia. It literally means fear of the Number Two.
Anyway, an informant tells me that IDAHOT sent out fliers on social media to various worthy and not-so-worthy organisations asking them to become its “allies”. An official of one outfit which must remain anonymous announced on Twitter that they were an ally. Now, on Twitter there are no spaces in the #hashtags, so this person wrote  #IDAHOT#AnAllyTodayAndEveryDay. But
it’s worse in lower case… anallytodayandeveryday…

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  1. (as previously mentioned in Comments)

    “If we agree to give the Sacraments to divorced people living in a new relationship-we are in favour of divorce.”

    Archbishop Tadeusz Kondrusiewicz

    October 5, 2015

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