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December 1st, 2016

Pro-Abort Sturgeon interferes in NI

The Scottish Nationalist Party is today a very different body to the group of  romantic—and indeed rather admirable—patriots who took the Stone of Scone from the coronation chair in Westminster Abbey over half a century ago. Now Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, who is naturally aggrieved if English politicians interfere in Scottish affairs,  is busy meddling in  Northern Ireland’s abortion laws.. The Scot-Nats seem to be placing themselves well to the left even of the British Labour Party under Jeremy Corbyn.

Last week Ms Sturgeon told the Scottish parliament she wants to offer free abortions in Scotland to women from Northern Ireland. On cue,  Amnesty International rowed in behind her.  Said Amnesty’s Northern Ireland programme director Patrick Corrigan:

Responsibility for delivering healthcare to women and girls in Northern Ireland sits squarely with the Northern Ireland Executive. But, given the utter human rights failure of Northern Ireland’s Ministers to provide free, safe and legal abortion healthcare for women and girls here, we welcome the commitment of Scotland’s First Minister to explore what can be done via NHS Scotland. The UN Human Rights Committee recently ruled that Northern Ireland’s laws prohibiting and criminalising abortion constitute a human rights violation. The Scottish Government could help lessen the harsh financial impact of that violation by allowing women from Northern Ireland to access abortions free of charge on the NHS. While this would be a welcome and helpful step, it is no substitute for the Northern Ireland Executive putting its own house in order with respect to significant reform of our scandalous abortion laws.

Ms Sturgeon was on  RTÉ’s Morning Ireland a few days ago to discuss the possibility of another referendum on Scottish independence. She was given a super-soft interview and allowed to ramble on without interference. Her interference in Northern Ireland’s laws was ignored.

As it happens, both Stramentaria and myself were accosted separately in Dalkey, Co. Dublin recently by an Amnesty campaigner looking for funds. I  told the man I would never support a pro-abortion outfit like Amnesty. Taken aback, he merely thanked me for being forthright. By the time he approached Stramentaria a few minutes later and met a similar reaction he had  recovered sufficiently to retort that they weren’t in favour of abortion; they merely supported the Right to Choose. Which is a bit like saying “I’m not anti-Semitic; I’m just in favour of the Final Solution.” Anyway, I hope it gets back to Amnesty HQ that some people, at least, are turned off by their anti-life policy.




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  1. dmanly@fandl.iol.ie

    The Scots Nat Party seems to be securely under the control of the liberal-left, and has shown signs of liberal intolerance with those who disagree with its causes, one of which is “reproductive rights”. Intolerance of this kind usually manifests itself in abusive language, the harbinger of physical violence, both notable during the referendum on independence. Sturgeon, being a lawyer, will use the legislature and the courts to neutralise opposition. Nasty little coote.

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