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August 19th, 2016

Telegraph Lurches Left

For the last 10 years or so, the British Daily Telegraph has been the only daily newspaper I can bear to read. Its editorials have invariably been sensible, and its longer-established feature-writers are literate, well informed and often amusingly caustic.  But in the past few months I have noticed with alarm that articles by some of its newer columnists would be woolly and PC enough to appear in  The Guardian or the Irish Times.

The worst  yet was by one India Sturgis, a paean in praise of  an Anglican clerical sodomite who got married (to a woman) and then 16 years and two children later “came out” to his wife who at first was “horrified”. But it’s all right, you see, because “time has been a remarkable panacea”. When this vicar “married” his “partner”, it was at his wife’s suggestion, and his daughters walked their father and his bum chum down the aisle. (The C of E doesn’t really approve of such goings-on, but sometimes allows them.) The status, if any,  of this ceremony is not make clear in the article.

This vicar, now retired, is a trustee of the ominously-named  “Changing Attitudes” described by Ms Sturgis as an LGBT campaign arm for the Anglican Community. He uses a an internet metaphor to illustrate his conviction that God thinks homosexual clergy should be allowed to  “marry” as a matter of course:.

I think that God has been saying to the Church consistently over a long period of time ‘new updates are ready to install’. The problem is the Church has been going ‘ignore, ignore, ignore’.

I don’t think the Telegraph would (yet) be willing to publish a piece I read (faute de mieux) in Wednesday’s’s Irish Times in the physiotherapist’s waiting room. It was by a young TCD graduate who  was moaning about how difficult life is for people like himself who are forced to live with their parents. I’m quoting from memory, but he was boasting what a fine generation he belonged to—the generation who voted through “marriage equality” and before long would reverse the Eighth Amendment.

In my more depressed moments I have to concede that is a distinct possibility. But I was cheered up this afternoon when the Life Institute’s lively magazine Solas arrived in my letter box.  There are thousands of other young people fired up to “bypass the media, take back the conversation, and save the Eighth” as the Solas editorial puts it.

For readers outside Ireland, I should point out that the Eighth Amendment—although badly  weakened by a perverse judicial decision—still protects the Republic from wholesale abortion. Without it, we would soon have what the late Dr Bernard Nathanson described as “the same despicable abbatoirs and charnel houses” now established in most countries of the world.

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