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April 11th, 2016

Marie Stopes and the Demonic

I have written quite a bit about Marie Stopes the birth control pioneer, racist and admirer of Adolf Hitler. But until today I wasn’t aware that she claimed to have heard a Voice, which she said was that of God, telling her to propagate her ideas. The information comes from ChurchMilitant, the lively and (in my opinion) sometimes intemperate American website  run by Michael Voris. It will not surprise you to learn that Mr Voris believes the Voice was in fact demonic. I think he is probably right, and you may well agree:

It should come as no surprise that abortion and contraception are from Hell. But something almost no one knows is the demonic presence testified to by one of the world’s leading contraception proponents back in the earliest days of the movement.

Marie Stopes was to England what Margaret Sanger was to the United States — a woman crazed over making birth control accepted and welcomed owing to their racist passions. Sanger is responsible for Planned Parenthood, which kills 3.8 million children through abortion worldwide every year. Stopes is largely responsible for Marie Stopes International, which kills 3.1 million children through abortion worldwide every year.

The two met at a conference in England in 1915. Stopes was a respected academic, the first woman professor at the University of Manchester. But around 1910, when she was 30 years old, she became enthralled with eugenics and wanted to reduce the number of “undesirables” in the society. She began petitioning various leaders in England, most of whom gave her the cold shoulder, despite her high academic credentials.

In 1917 she published a book — “Married Love” — promoting birth control, which was so widely popular it went through five printings in the first year. Still, the ruling class was not impressed, most especially the leaders of the Church of England, who in 1920 were gathering for their scheduled every 10th-year meeting in Lambeth Palace. Shortly before the meeting, Stopes herself relays that a voice spoke to her while she was sitting in the shade of a yew tree in her backyard.

The voice, she claimed, was the voice of God, telling her to relay to the bishops that they were to change the teaching on birth control. She dashed into the house and dictated to her secretary: “My Lords, I speak to you in the name of God. You are his priests. I am his prophet.”

And so began a work which she eventually entitled “A New Gospel to All Peoples: A Revelation of God Uniting Physiology and the Religions of Man.” It was completed by the summer and a copy sent to each of the 267 bishops at the Lambeth Conference.

In her work, she contradicted St. Paul, saying his message was 1900 years old and could now be ignored — and added: “God spoke to me today.”

She claimed God told her sexual union was not for procreation but for pleasure, that couples should use the best means of birth control “placed at man’s service by Science”.  Stopes’ vision or voice was certainly not from God, obviously, but she never denied or recanted the account. She heard a voice directing her what to do. She insisted that a supernatural voice, which she claimed was God, had given her instructions to spread birth control throughout the country and eventually the world.

She told the bishops in the letter to them that the voice had said that the bishops must teach their flocks that “the pure and holy sacrament of marriage may no longer be debased and befouled by the archaic ignorance of the centuries … .” Sexual union was for pleasure, not procreation.

At Lambeth in 1920, despite the first shiftings of public opinion, the Church of England leaders rejected Stopes’ vision and voices. Undeterred, Stopes published her “New Gospel” for the masses in 1922. It cost her dearly among her academic atheist university peers, who lost all respect for her for claiming divine visions.

A year before publishing the “New Gospel” she opened England’s first birth control clinic, but shortly thereafter moved it to… Whitfield Street near Tottenham Court Road… This site still remains an active birth control clinic as well as abortion counseling center. Like this central London clinic, Margaret Sanger had launched her country’s first clinic in Brooklyn five years earlier in 1916, making 2016 a kind of 100th anniversary of the birth control movement becoming public.

Both women detested the Catholic Church and made no bones about saying so publicly. In 1942, Stopes remarked in writing that Catholics were “a curse, or something worse”.

So when we sit back for a moment and consider that from these two women’s actions, what they set in motion — 7 million children are killed worldwide every year — they both hated the Catholic Church, and one of them was inspired to greater zeal in her evil efforts by a supernatural voice that she says directed her to spread the message that sex is about pleasure and not procreation.

Shortly before she heard the demonic voice, Stopes sent a copy of her book “Married Love” to Queen Mary, with an an accompanying note about the book saying that it was written “in the interest, primarily, of your subjects, the British, but ultimately for the whole of Humanity.”

Very shortly after that, she opened her birth control clinic, kept publishing articles in papers, writing more books, making inroads with political and religious leaders wherever she could. She carried on intensely for the next 10 years — until the next Lambeth gathering of the Church of England leaders in 1930.

This time, however, the Church of England, for the first time in Christian history, approved of birth control — a decision arrived at, in large part, by the zeal of a woman spurred on by the voice of a demon.

I mentioned Ms Stopes in an issue of the Brandsma Review quite  a few years ago. She once took took offence at the cartoons of Giles of the Daily Express, who used to portray himself as a henpecked paterfamilias with numerous offspring, dominated by a grim grandma in black. Marie Stopes wrote a letter to the editor stating : “The Giles cartoons degrade humanity” and announcing that she was cancelling her subscription.

Giles responded with a cartoon of himself with hordes of tough little boys clambering all over him, and declared: “Very well, Marie, if you won’t read the Express any more because of my cartoons, then I won’t read any more of your little books.”


December 30, 2015

Bashing the ‘Schismatic’ Pixies

The Irish Catholics Forum often contains material of great interest: but I will never understand why, at a time when, humanly speaking, there appears little reason to believe that the Church in the West will survive more than a few  more decades, some of  its contributors seem so obsessed by trivia.

For instance, while large numbers of influential cardinals (and, it would appear, possibly the Holy Father himself) appear determined to undermine Catholic teaching on the non-admission of unrepentant adulterers to Holy Communion, you will find ICF contributors exercised by such matters as  the status of the Society of St Pius X, and the blessing of religious objects.

To concentrate here on the former, there is still a long-standing  thread devoted to “The SSPX Schism in a Nutshell” which continues even after Pope Francis’ decision to “establish” the validity of confessions to an SSPX priest—at least during the Year of Mercy which began on December 8.  His actual words are well worth examining:

A final consideration concerns those faithful who for various reasons choose to attend churches officiated by priests of the Fraternity [sic] of St Pius X. This Jubilee Year of Mercy excludes no one. From various quarters, several Brother Bishops have told me of their good faith and sacramental practice, combined however with an uneasy situation from the pastoral standpoint. I trust that in the near future solutions may be found to recover full communion with the priests and superiors of the Fraternity. In the meantime,  motivated by the need to respond to the good of these faithful, through my own disposition, I establish that those who during the Holy Year of Mercy approach these priests of the Fraternity of St Pius X to celebrate the Sacrament of Reconciliation shall validly and licitly receive the absolution of their sins. 

Are we  expected to believe that God’s mercy can be turned on and off like a tap? That any repentant mortal sinner who confesses to a Pixie priest one minute later than 11.59pm on December 8,  2016 will remain, objectively, in a state of damnation?  Is that what Pope Francis really meant?  Isn’t that exactly the kind of pharasaical legalism that the Pope frequently condemns among what he calls “so-called traditionalists”.

The claim that the SSPX is in an ongoing state of schism is now completely untenable. If the Pixies were really schismatic, the Church would regard all their sacraments as valid, just like those of the Orthodox, and the Pope would have no jurisdiction over them. His statement would then be completely pointless. He clearly regards the clergy and laity of the SSPX as truly Catholic, with “good faith and sacramental practice” although in a  grey area canonically.  The concept of schism cannot rationally be extended to include those in an “uneasy situation from the pastoral standpoint ”.

No, the Pixies are not schismatics, whatever else they are.

Michael Voris of ChurchMilitant.tv is another Pixie-basher.  But unlike some contributors to the ICF he gives the impression of rather relishing the prospect of SSPX adherents facing the prospect of hell.

If you have time, you might like to read a letter to Pope Francis about the recent synod.  Note who it’s from…..

Holy Father,

It is with grave concern that we see around us the gradual degradation of marriage and the family, the origin and foundation of all human society. This decay is beginning to accelerate strongly, notably through the legal promotion of the most immoral and depraved behaviour. The law of God, even the natural law, is today publicly trampled underfoot, the most serious sins multiply dramatically and cry to Heaven for vengeance.

Most Holy Father,

We cannot hide from you that the first part of the Synod dedicated to “Family pastoral challenges in the context of evangelisation” alarmed us very deeply. We have heard and read, according to some bishops – who support you without contradiction – statements so contrary to the truth, so opposed to the clear and consistent teaching of the Church regarding the sanctity of marriage, that our soul has been deeply troubled by them. What worries us even more are some of your words implying that there could be an evolution of doctrine to meet the new needs of Christian people. Our concern is that St Pius X condemned in the encyclical Pascendi Gregis such a development of dogma  on the pretended basis of contemporary requirements. Pius X and you, Holy Father, have received the fullness of the power of teaching, sanctifying and governing in obedience to Christ who is the head and shepherd of the flock at all times and in every place, and whose Pope must be the true Vicar on this earth. The object of a dogmatic condemnation does not become, over time, an authorised pastoral practice.

God, the author of nature, has established the stable union of man and woman to perpetuate the human species. The revelation of the Old Testament teaches us, in the most obvious way, that marriage, unique and indissoluble, between a man and a woman, has been directly established by God, and that its essential characteristics have been given by Him to men of freewill to live under a very particular divine protection: “Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour’s wife” (Ex 20, 17).

The Gospel teaches us that Jesus Himself, by virtue of His supreme authority, definitively restored marriage, changed by the corruption of men, to its primitive purity. “What God hath joined together, let no man put asunder.” (Mt 19: 6).

It is the glory of the Catholic Church, throughout the centuries, to have defended the human and divine reality of marriage against the wind and the waves, despite demands, threats and temptations. She has always carried high – even when corrupt men abandoned her for that reason alone – the standard of faithfulness, purity and fertility that characterise true conjugal and family love.

As we approach the second part of this Synod dedicated to the family, we are conscious of our duty to express to the Holy See the deep anxieties that seize us at the thought of “conclusions” that could be proposed on this occasion, if by great misfortune they were to constitute a new attack against the sanctity of marriage and the family, further weakening the status of couples and households. We hope with all our heart, however, that the Synod will perform a true work of mercy recalling, for the good of souls, the integral saving teaching on marriage.

We are fully aware, in the current context, that people who are living in irregular marriage situations should be welcomed pastorally, with compassion, so as to show them the merciful face of the God of love made known by the Church.

But the law of God, an expression of His eternal love for men, constitutes by itself the supreme mercy for all times, people and situations. We pray therefore that the evangelical truth of marriage that the Synod should proclaim may not be circumvented in practice by multiple “pastoral exceptions” that would distort its true meaning, or by new legislation that would abolish (quasi infallibly) its true scope. On this point, we cannot conceal from you that the recent canonical provisions of the motu proprio Mitis Iudex Dominus Iesus, facilitating accelerated declarations of nullity, will open the door de facto to a procedure of so-called “Catholic divorce”, despite the reminders about the indissolubility of marriage that accompany it. These provisions follow the evolution of contemporary mores, without trying to rectify them according to the divine law; since then, how can we not be upset about the fate of children born of these marriages annulled with such speed, the sad victims of the “culture of waste”?

In the sixteenth century, Pope Clement VII refused Henry VIII of England the divorce that he demanded. Faced with the threat of the Anglican schism, the pope maintained, against all pressures, the intangible teaching of Christ and His Church on the indissolubility of marriage. Will his decision now be disavowed in a “canonical repentance”?

Today, around the world, many families have mobilised themselves courageously against civil laws that undermine the natural and Christian family, and publicly encourage vile behaviour contrary to the most elementary morality. Can the Church abandon those who, sometimes to their own detriment and always mocked and jeered, lead this necessary but difficult battle? This would be a disastrous counter-witness, and would be a source of disgust and discouragement for these people. Men of the Church, on the contrary, by their very mission, must give these people clear and reasoned support.

Holy Father,

For the honour of Our Lord Jesus Christ, for the consolation of the Church and all the Catholic faithful, for the good of society and all humanity at this crucial time, we implore you to make resound throughout the world a word of truth, clarity and firmness in defence of Christian and even simply human marriage, in support of its foundation, namely the difference and complementarity of the sexes, in support of its uniqueness and its indissolubility . Filially, we beseech you to make that word ring out, accompanied by effective measures showing your support of the Catholic family by your actions.

We entrust this humble petition to the patronage of St John the Baptist, who underwent martyrdom for defending publicly, against a civil authority compromised by an outrageous “remarriage” , the sanctity and uniqueness of marriage; begging the precursor to give Your Holiness the courage to remind the whole world of the true doctrine concerning natural and Christian marriage.

+ Bernard Fellay, Superior General of the Society of St. Pius X





June 3rd, 2015

Prepare for Persecution

In the fairly near future, it is  likely that Irish Catholics—I mean real ones, not those who voted Yes in the “marriage” referendum—will  face a degree of persecution amounting to “white” martyrdom.  Nurses and doctors who refuse to co-operate in abortions or euthanasia will lose their livelihoods; caterers and bed and breakfast  operators will be compelled to accommodate self-declared sodomites or face heavy fines;  anyone who publicly displays less than total approval  of  perversion will be fined and possibly imprisoned for “hate speech”.

If things develop at the present rate , it is more than possible that “red” martyrdom will follow in the next few decades.  Quite some time ago  Cardinal Francis George of Chicago said:

I expect to die in bed, my successor will die in prison and his successor will die a martyr in the public square. His successor will pick up the shards of a ruined society and slowly help rebuild civilization, as the church has done so often in human history.

Yes, the situation is hotting up so rapidly that Michael Voris of ChurchMilitant.TV  believes that  only heroic Catholics will survive:

In short, in the times that are just ahead for Catholics, only the truly dedicated will not become apostates and thereby lose Heaven. This was the opinion of Fr. John Hardon, a very holy priest who died 15 years ago in Detroit—a man who was remarkable owing to his holiness. What he said has come even sharper into focus in light of the wholesale rejection of the Faith by an overwhelming majority of the Irish last week.

If you are not preparing yourself now, and your family now, bracing yourselves spiritually for the darkness into which civilization is descending, you will not survive. You will inherit Satan for your father. People do not suddenly decide to suffer for the Faith. They prepare themselves to suffer great hardships for the Faith, by undergoing little hardships and sacrifices in advance. You could think of it as a kind of dress rehearsal…

…We sometimes have this too-nostalgic thought about the age of martyrs in the early centuries. We see the drawings of heroic Catholics standing straight moments before the lions pounced. What we do not see, what is not memorialized in art, is the vast numbers who committed apostasy before the jaws of those same lions, or those in whom the Faith had turned cold. They were more than content to offer incense to the Roman gods.

Fr Brendan Purcell also believes that persecution is coming, but he’s rather more optimistic than Mr Voris.  Personally,  I greatly  prefer Fr Brendan’s gentler analysis, though perhaps not his rather complicated syntax:

From the end of the 16th century— after a century of executions, last one being St Oliver Plunkett in 1681 in Ireland we had the Penal Laws, some dating from James 1st, others from later in that century—till Catholic Emancipation in 1829, Catholics had to sweat it out in Ireland, which seemed to toughen them up rather than the opposite.

So, while we can expect cases against school teachers who refuse to teach homosexuality as an acceptable alternative, closing down of Catholic adoption agencies (as has happened already in Scotland and England), already the defunding of the Catholic marriage preparation agency has been announced, well, having to pay a big price for being Catholic goes with the territory, and we’re not getting it remotely like Catholics in Nigeria, parts of Cameroon, lots of the Middle East, Pakistan and parts of India, so let’s hope we can measure up to the challenge of being, as St Paul said we should be, like stars shining in the sky!

November 14, 2014

Vatican Corruption?

There is little doubt that something very fishy is going on in the Vatican, something that amounts to corruption on a very large scale. How far up the chain of command  this corruption extends is something we shall never know; so we should assume, in charity, that it doesn’t go to the very top.  But that doesn’t mean we should just avert our gaze from what’s been going on.  It needs to examined thoroughly, so that we can make as much sense of it as we can. One person who had done his homework is Michael Voris  of ChurchMilitant.TV.

Michael Voris is not everyone’s cup of tea. For instance,  he is a bit inclined to bang on too much and too often about hell, and the likelihood that certain modernist prelates are likely to end up there if they don’t repent. But he is a fine investigative journalist, completely orthodox , and  ChurchMilitant.TV is a truly  professional outfit.

Here is the script  of one of his latest programmes:

Hello everyone and welcome to The Vortex where lies and falsehoods are trapped and exposed. I’m Michael Voris.

There are simply too many things going on in Rome these days to not call into question the intent of many prelates.

First, what has all the hallmarks of a demotion of Cardinal Raymond Burke. No reason was given, and no cause seemed apparent, so a great mystery has developed.

The question being asked is simplywhy did the Pope sack Cardinal Burke? The APPEARANCE that he sacked him is all that matters at this stage, precisely because there appears to be no reason or just cause.

Add to this, that it is well known that Washington DC Cardinal Donald Wuerl has had it in for Burke for a long time, and Wuerl is a constant on the Roman scene. You can’t see a picture of the Pope, and that includes back when Benedict was Pope, without Cardinal Wuerl lurking in the not-so-far background.

This situation was made even more public when Cardinal Burke was removed from the Congregation of Bishops and then Wuerl was promoted to it. Coincidence?

Then there is the what could only be described as a disaster of a synod. A synod called to discuss the struggles and challenges of passing on the faith in families in a world hostile to families, was quickly de-railed by heterodox bishops into a symposium on divorce and remarriage, and gifts and qualities that flow from homosexuality.

And then there is the never-ending, continual swirl of questions over the WAY in which documents are produced and translated into English by Vatican officials. This has been a persistent problem, not just under Pope Francis’ pontificate, but for years now.

English is the leading language in the world, largely owing to it being the language of finance. But despite this fact, English may as well be aboriginal to those charged with doing translations in Rome. They come out late and incorrect more often than not.

Which adds fuel to the conspiratorial view of the Vatican as corrupt, run by those who want to weaken the Church.

Take the Synod documents for examplethe by now INFAMOUS Relatioboth the mid-term one and the final one.

The mid-term one, to refresh your memory, is the one that was crawling with all sorts of anti-Catholic positions in it regarding homosexuality and divorce and remarriage.

It made headlines all over the world. But here’s the background which may not be immediately apparent.

That Relatio was available to the press in HARD copies in the Holy See Press Office Monday morning at the midway point of the Synod.

It PURPORTED to be a summary of all the discussions that had been had up to and including Saturday, less than two days earlier. It contained 62 paragraphs.

Reporters from the world press walked onto the press office and there it was, all printed off, translated into various languages.

When you consider the time it would have taken to prepare the original official Italian, then make all the translations, then run off all the copies and collate them and have them ready for hundreds of reporters by Monday morning–it is beyond astonishing.

Then when you add on that the bishops in the actual synod saidone, they had never seen it; two, it was nowhere near reflective of the ACTUAL discussion that had gone on, and throw in the furious pace at which the actual paperwork would have to have been done–the whole thing stinks.

In fact, it would appear that the mid term Relatio could have been written before the synod actually had even begun. If THAT happened, then the word conspiracy takes on a while new life.

Now in the realm of conspiracy, consider the following: the FINAL Relatio, which was distributed to reporters in Italian, took more than two WEEKS to translate AND when it came out, has wholesale errors in the Englishagain with the Englishthe language spoken by most of the powerful media outlets in the worldyou know, the ones that shape public perception.

As some outlets have noticed, the bad English one said in paragraph 4, “.…to discern how the Church and society can renew their commitment to the family.” Harmless enough, right? No big deal, right?

However, when you read the original Italian, the sentence doesn’t end there like it does in the English. The sentence continues .“to discern how the Church and society can renew their commitment to the family, FOUNDED ON THE MARRIAGE BETWEEN MAN AND WOMAN.

THAT is a huge translation difference. It’s a whole statement JUST MISSING.

Why does this stuff keep happening? Why are there always such problems with the English translations? And its not just BAD or incomplete translations, but that these translations ALWAYS tilt toward bad theology, progressivist language or interpretations.

It’s almost like those responsible WANT to corrupt the faithwith either active or passively rotten translations.

And what’s morewhen you add all these types of situations togetherCardinal Burke no longer a Curial member, Cardinal Wuerl, with his history of ignoring Canon Law being assigned to a curial post, rotten translations always supporting liberal ends and so forth–and there is LOTS of so forth–faithful Catholics smell a rat: or better yet, a demon.

God Love You.

I’m Michael Voris

That says it all, I think. The Holy Father is in need of our prayers, as is  Raymond  Cardinal Burke.

Fortuitously, Cardinal  Burke is in Limerick  this weekend for  three days of prayer and conferences on marriage and the family.  The event is being organised by the Catholic Voice newspaper in collaboration with the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest.  It starts at 7pm tonight with Mass in Sacred Heart Church, and concludes at 9am on Sunday with Pontifical low Mass celebrated by Cardinal Burke