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September 5, 2014

Shame on Cardinal Dolan!

Yesterday we noted yet another victory for  the apparently unstoppable  homosexual lobby: the Society of St Vincent de Paul, no less,  is giving them €45,000 to set up a permanent “Lesbian, Gay and  Transgender Resource Centre” in Galway City.  One crumb of comfort is that Galway’s  Bishop Martin Drennan is asking the SVP for an explanation.

Things are  worse in the United States. The 2015 St Patrick’s Day parade will include an officially- approved group of  active  homosexuals, and the parade will be led by a Prince of the Catholic Church, New York’s archbishop, Cardinal Timothy Dolan. He is to head the march as Grand Marshal. (“Gay” activists have been agitating since the early 1990s for the “right” to march openly in the parade.)

Unlike many of his colleagues in the American hierarchy, Cardinal Dolan had usually been  regarded as a reliable  defender of  the Faith. When he was appointed to carry out a visitation in Maynooth seminary some years ago, his criticisms were blunt and to the point.  Now, along with the parade organisers, he has capitulated to strong political and financial pressure including, it’s understood, from Guinnesses and Heineken.  His justification (if you can call it that)  is that although Scripture stresses the importance of chastity, it also says one mustn’t judge. But the point he is fudging is that this group make no bones about the fact that they approve of  homosexual actions; moreover, that they indulge in them .

It is a very serious scandal, in the original sense of that word–a stumbling block. Many people will conclude that official Catholicism no longer believes there is anything seriously wrong with sodomy, the vice that used to one of the “Four Sins Crying to Heaven for Vengeance”, as the old penny catechism expressed it.  (The other three were  murder, sacrilege, and defrauding labourers of their wages.) Our shepherds seem to be capitulating to more and more moral evil–step by incremental step.





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