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September 15, 2014

Let’s Queer SVP’s Pitch

More about that €45,000 which the Society of St Vincent de Paul is giving to help set up a homosexual “resource centre” in Galway City about which I expressed great indignation more than  a week ago….

When it was announced at the Mass I attended last Sunday that the money was in fact coming from a particular bequest–and not from public donations or church-gate collections–I was greatly relieved and gave a modest sum to one of the dedicated SVP collectors outside the church.  After all, I thought, the local SVP have had nothing to do with this appalling decision, and the poor of the parish still need help.

But I wish now that I had given the money to Simon, or Aid to the Church in Need, or some other charity. Anything but the SVP.

Why the sudden change of mind?

Well,  when I returned to the car park  after Mass I got chatting to a friend who argued most cogently that it is precisely because the SVP is known to be  a Catholic organisation that people support it week by week and leave money to it in their wills. This sum now earmarked for the “Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender” group called Amach! (which I think means “Out” –correct me if I’m wrong) was left to them by a lady publican in Galway. It is a safe bet that this good soul believed her bequest  would be used to relieve poverty, and that she would have been disgusted at the very thought of its  being  handed over to provide a social club for  sodomites. The SVP, whose higher echelons seem to have been taken over by  people with no respect  for the church’s perennial teaching on sexual morality, has presented the militant homosexuals not just with money, but with a propaganda coup which can only provide them with yet more undeserved respectability.

And the SVP can spare us  the bit about being “non-judgemental” as a part of their “Christian ethos”.  They know very well what Blessed Frederic Ozanam would have thought of  this pathetic expedient.

We are told the centre   is intended to be a “safe space” where “LGBT people” can “address issues and concerns such as prejudice, isolation, loneliness, depression and the lack of opportunities to network with peers”.  The “gay Masses” in London were intended to achieve the same purpose, and the kind of  “networking” that went on there was nothing short of scandalous.

I too belong to a group which frequently experiences prejudice, isolation and a lack of opportunity for networking with peers–those who prefer the Church’s traditional rite of Mass . Sometimes it seems to me that many bishops have more time for homosexuals than they have for Traddies.  Do you think it would benefit  the Latin Mass Society of Ireland  to ask the SVP for a few thousand Euros to combat  the lack of opportunities to network with our peers? We can get quite depressed too.

Anyway, if we want to prevent  similar outrages, we must refrain from  contributing to the SVP until they listen to their grass roots and come to their senses. As the Holy Father says, hagan lio! (make a fuss.)


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