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September 14, 2015

The Mass is for Men

Evangelical Protestants, who seem to be overtaking the Catholics as the main Christian denomination in central and South America, consider that a preponderance of women over men in a congregation is a sign of a dying church. In this, at least, I think they are right. In Ireland today, many young nominal Catholic males think that Mass-going is for old women and wimps. That’s not true of Catholics in Africa and Asia or, it would seem,  in Oceania.

Fr  Ray Blake, parish priest of St Magdalene in Brighton, yesterday welcomed the Samoan Rugby team to Sunday Mass. They sang after Mass. As Fr Blake says: ”It was impressive to see so many devout young men, who think worshipping God on a Sunday morning is just a normal manly thing to do.  God bless them.”

Just a thought: if you want to see quite a large number of reasonably manly young men at Sunday Mass, go to the Traditional Latin Mass in Harrington Street, Dublin, at 10.30 any Sunday morning.


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  1. It’s perhaps surprising that a majority of the congregation at the traditional Latin Mass are usually men, but it’s true. And it’s also true that children are more likely to continue going to Mass when they are grown up if their father goes to Mass with them while they are young.

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