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September 10, 2015

The Feminist Assault on the Priesthood

Here’s a bit more from the thoughts of Henry Sire in his Phoenix from the Ashes. This time, in his chapter “ The Destruction of the Priesthood”  he is dealing with “The Assault of Feminism” which he believes has played a major role in sapping the Catholic understanding of the priestly office. It stems, believes Sire, from the surrender of the Catholic Church to the trends of modern ideology, in particular the rejection of chastity and the natural order of society.

The first stage in the attack emerged at the time of the Second Vatican Council, when the demand appeared for the ending of clerical celibacy, on the plea that it was not the original discipline of the Church. Like other aspects of the Modernist appeal to antiquity, this one relied on a high degree of ignorance, including the appearance of the vulgar error that in the Orthodox churches priests are allowed to marry. In fact, there has never been any time or place in the history of the Church in which priests have been allowed to marry. The early practice of the Church, continued in the Eastern churches today, was that the priesthood was conferred on married men, but once they were ordained they were barred from matrimony. A church order allowing ordained ministers to marry was uncontemplated until the Protestant heresy arose, with its rejection of the traditional priesthood.

There is no question of the same being possible in the Catholic Church, or in any church that keeps a claim to orthodoxy and tradition. Yet that was the prospect that was broached as radicalism began its assaults on Catholic practice. Such was the ignorance with which candidates entered the seminaries that many believed that priests would soon be allowed to marry after ordination. Amongst other evils, it allowed them to disregard the vocation of celibacy, and thus led to the moral disorders that began to run riot in the priesthood.

We will continue  this theme in later posts.

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  1. What existed in the far-off Sixties has taken shape in the sexual ideologies of today. The unity of body and soul, a type of matter and form unity as in Aristotelian thought, no longer is assumed. The “me”, the “real person”, is almost self-existing in, over or just co-linked to one body. The body is an instrument to effect satisfaction of our individual and subjective wants, and as an instrument can be modified to suit our wishes. Some extreme “wants” require amputation of body parts, but “whatever” should be your reaction. This thinking is the basis of gender theory, so changing one’s sex and engaging in any form of sexual activity is fully justified.
    How does chastity or celibacy fit into that view? In a world where choice is supreme, and nature a fiction of the past. Chastity has not intrinsic value but may be an individual choice, should one be so wacky as to want it.
    As for abortion, its significance is determined by the mother or pregnant woman. Foetus unwanted or baby precious. Choice is everything in this make-believe world.

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