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October 6th, 2017

Absolute Monarchy and Unthinking Papolatry

The blog Ignatius His Conclave predicts that there will be no answer from Pope Francis to the recent “Filial Correction”, and explains why.


The ‘Filial Correction’, by 62 clergy and scholars, which has recently been launched detailing accusations of heresy against Pope Francis has already been dismissed by Francis’s supporters.

One described it as a ‘flea-bite to an elephant’, alluding to the fact that few names of international repute (and no members of the hierarchy) have signed the letter…..

No matter.

The ‘Correctio’ is significant for two reasons: the first is that it is virtually unprecedented; the second that it is the only way remaining to express what is an increasing body of dissent in Europe’s only surviving Absolute Monarchy – bolstered as it is by an unthinking Papolatry, which is itself inimical to the Church’s well-being.

The Filial Correction and its signatories, along with a summary statement and press release, can be viewed at www.correctiofilialis.org.

In the more febrile sections of the Church media there has already been speculation about how Pope Francis will react to the ‘Filial Correction’.  Such speculation only goes to show how little the current Vatican policy is understood in such circles.

Buoyed up by popularity in the secular press, Francis does not need to pay heed (as his silence over the dubia has shown) to the opinion of Catholics. He can go over their heads and appeal to the post-Christian majority, who share his opinions.

Expect no response, therefore.  The dignity of absolute monarchy is best maintained by silence.


  1. Pope Francis keeps digging his hole deeper and deeper.

  2. “Amoris Laetitia Is A Ticking ‘Atomic Bomb’ Set To Obliterate All Catholic Morality” ( see Internet) written by one of the world’s top Catholic Philosophers Professor Josef Seifert.

    Appropriate to this are some exerpts herewith from “Welcome to “Faith Without Reason”-Fr. Kevin M.Cusick- (The Wanderer, (U.S.A.) October 5, 2017;- “….. some have made the case that the Pope and his party know the outcomes they want and are determined to twist doctrine and anything else necessary to get them…….that there are no absolute prohibitions in divine or natural law, ……..that Jesus wants us to abandon the old moral disciplines with regard to the Eucharist. And so on…..They know the outcomes they want and aren’t about to let the logical contradictions, theologians, philosophers, or ordinary believers notice stop them,

    When anyone familiar with the magisterial teaching handed down questions them about their inconsistencies they react with counter accusations of rigidity, homophobia, or other modern “sins”.

    Two thousand years of faith and morals received by billions of faithful Catholics in the Church militant, suffering, and triumphant cannot be reconciled with capricious and unreasonable contradictions, even in a document signed by the current occupant of the chair of Peter.

    Pope Francis and his fellow change agents are accountable to every soul if they have indeed attempted to alter the Deposit of Faith by which we must be saved .”

    As stated by an Austrian Cardinal ( and quoted by one of your correspondents.)

    “There is no such thing as a double truth”.

    It is now one hundred years since the events at Fatima. I cannot say whether it is related or not, but the results of infiltration of Modernism into the Church is apparent . In general one can see around us the widespread watering down of the Catholic Faith -for example consider the following: -the abandonment of specific teaching on The Decalogue (The Ten Commandments) especially the Sixth and Ninth) ; the abandonment of the concept of sin especially mortal sin, and with it the dreadful consequences of eternal damnation for unrepentance; the abandonment of teaching on our need for the observance of the Sacraments such as the Sacraments of Marriage and Penance ; the abandonment of the authentic teaching of the Catechism of the Catholic Church (eg- ask some of the ‘catechetical’ instructors to enumerate for you even the basic Ten Commandments !) ; the abandonment of teaching on the reality of the awesome Particular Judgement awaiting us all. In general one can also see the not infrequent novelties introduced into the celebration of Holy Mass; the cowardice of some hierarchies and clergy in failing to clarify without ambiguity the authentic Catholic Faith ( especially when it is publicly threatened ).

    And , of course, to-day there is an absolute need for the necessary enlightenment and encouragement of the wonderful words of the Lord Himself – “My grace is sufficient to you, for My power is made perfect in weakness” (2 Corinthians 12:8-10).

    All honour to those who uphold Catholic Tradition especially those clergy who sometimes have to do so at great personal sacrifice (witness Cardinal Burke) .

    The urgent need for our constant prayer especially to the Mother of God is fundamental.

    (Forgive the length of comment Nick ! )

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