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October 31, 2014

Multiculturalism is inhuman

[T]o belong to a given community,  to be connected with its members by indissoluble and impalpable ties of common language, historical memory, habit, tradition and feeling,  is a basic human need, no less natural than that for food or drink or security or procreation…Cosmopolitanism is the shedding of all that makes one most human, most oneself.

–Sir Isaiah Berlin, Against the Current.

Even though it was afterwards denied, there is strong evidence that in the 1990s the triumphant Labour  Party under Tony Blair decided to transform Britain by mass immigration and impose multiculturalism. One of Blair’s speechwriters, Andrew Neather wrote in 2009 that it had been  deliberate policy to open up the United Kingdom to mass immigration, and “to rub the Right’s nose in diversity”.  (This had the added advantage, of course, that the immigrants would tend overwhelmingly to vote Labour.) The result was that the population rose by three million, which led to a housing shortage and high prices for housing.

After the London bombings by Moslem terrorists in 2005 the Labour government had second thoughts about multiculturalism and commissioned an educationalist, Sir Keith Ajegbo to report on diversity within the school curriculum. His reported stated:

Many indigenous white pupils have negative perceptions of their own identity. In the case of white working-class boys, their sense of linkage with a tangible history is often absent. We spoke to one white British pupil in Year 3 who said after hearing in a class discussion how the rest of the class came from the Congo, Portugal, Trinidad and Poland, that she came from nowhere.

Another girl they spoke to said she felt sometimes that there was no white history. “There’s black history month or they do Moslems or Sikhs. We learn about that, but we don’t learn about white people, so we feel a bit left out. ”

The Ajegbo report concluded:

White children in areas where the ethnic composition is mixed, suffer labelling and discrimination that is severely compromising their idea of being British. They can feel beleaguered and marginalised, finding their own identities under threat…It makes no sense to focus on ethnic minority pupils without trying to address and understand the issues for white pupils…white pupils are left feeling disenfranchised and resentful.

Fewer than half of white British boys from the poorest homes started secondary education with a decent grounding in the basics, so they are being turned into an educational underclass. Therefore it’s not  really so surprising that eventually an articulate indigenous white working-class writer like David Abbott should redress the balance by writing a book like Dark Albion. What is puzzling is that it took so long for something like it to appear. In view of  the fact that any strong criticism of  racial or cultural minorities can result in prosecution for “hate crime” it’s also rather amazing that Mr Abbott appears to have got  away with writing something like this, about what happened on the bus journey he began to describe earlier :

The only passengers speaking any sort of English are the loudly jabbering black children lapsing every now and then into their patois, and a standing black youth  in baggy trousers managing to  clutch three mobile phones, making and receiving calls on all three in loud Anglo-Lewisham  pidgin as he hangs on.  He has incredible lips like tyres.  One of the conversations is about a forthcoming court case  in which he is the defendant, from which we are to gather he is a petty criminal. From the manner and volume of the conversation I get the feeling that he is wants us to know this, that he is proud of it.

Prominent among the foreign languages are those of the Nigerian diaspora. This is a new phenomenon.  One of the Nigerians speaking in one of these tongues into a mobile  is a gross woman dressed in gaudy African finery partly covered by an overcoat, who has an enormous arse. Although many passengers are having to stand, she is unashamedly taking up two seats. The seats of London buses are not made for Nigerian arses. To emphasise her point (if she is making a point rather than being simply selfish) she has placed her shopping bag on the sliver of aisle not covered by her arse. In the bag she has a loaf of bread from which, with fingers adorned with rings, she scoops up crumbs and jams them into her mouth.  Crumbs are everywhere and she is also spitting them into her mobile  as she speaks loudly in Yoruba (or Igbo, Hausa or Swahili, or whatever). It is so unbelievably grotesque that the other passengers remain silent, unable to stop and interfere in this outrage against public decency–in fear, perhaps of being  regarded as racist, disrespectful  to some peculiar way of life, even  though they are all themselves ethnics.

Sometimes I wonder what would happen if  Dublin were  inundated by hundreds of thousands of  “settlers”–to use Mr Abbott’s expression. I don’t think the inhabitants of  Darndale or Ballyfermot  or Sallynoggin  would be more tolerant than those of Greenwich or Brixton–or David Abbott. Do you?

In my final post on Dark Albion I hope to deal with Mr Abbott’s trenchant views on Islam, and on religion in general.




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