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October 2, 2013


Torquemada’s Band

(Air: McNamara’s Band)

Oh, me name is Torquemada, I’m the leader of the band,

There’s few of us in number, but we’re feared throughout the land,

We work on Moors and Hebrews, as wide we spread our trawl,

But when we work on heretics, we work the best of all

Oh, the rack goes creak and the thumbscrews squeak and the flames they blaze away;

A Jesuit slams the Iron Maiden shut while we kneel awhile and pray;

Oh the auto-da-fe is God’s own way to purge sin from the land,

Another soul’s in heaven thanks to Torquemada’s band!


Strange–and Sinister?

On September 30 we posted a new item on Fr Timothy Radcliffe OP, the campaigner for homosexuality, and on a hard-hitting new book  from Ignatius Press.

The post vanished from the site, and in spite of all our efforts we have been unable to retrieve it. We  will re-compose as much of it as we can from memory, and re-post it, probably tomorrow.  If it disappears again, that probably means that someone who doesn’t like us has managed to hack into the site and delete it. Either that, or possibly that something I am doing inadvertently, from inexperience, was responsible.  Just because we are  paranoid, that doesn’t mean there aren’t  quite a few people around who think voices like ours are quite beyond the pale, and should be silenced.

Anyway, it will be interesting to see what happens when we post a new version of the item. As they say, watch this space.

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