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November 4, 2014

Obsessed with Diversity

The mental illness of our age, says David Abbott, is multiculturalism, the obsession with diversity, the eagerness to abandon our own  customs. He is talking about England, but Ireland too has already progressed a fair way  along that particular road.

Take, for example, the calendar put out by Radio Telefis Eireann.  In the month of October we are informed that the 3rd was Yom Kippur, the 4th the Islamic festival of Eid al-Adha, the 23rd the Hindu festival of Diwali, and the 24th the Islamic New Year.  Then, of course, that the 31st is Hallowe’en.  Turn over to November 1st and 2nd, and there is no mention of All Saints and All Souls–although hundreds of  thousands of Irish Catholics (possibly millions) still regard  these days as extremely significant.  (It occurs to  me on re-reading this that the majority of RTE bosses probably  don’t regard them as significant at all.) I checked some of the other months, and found no mention of Ash Wednesday  although Good Friday and Easter Sunday are included. It’s a relief to see that St Patrick’s Day, at least, is included too.  We are informed that May 14 is Wesak (Buddha Day) and that Ramadan begins on June 28 and ends on July 27.  Lent is ignored.  July 12 is Dharma Day (another Buddhist holiday)  and September 24 is Rosh Hashana. No sign at all, of course, of Our Lady’s feasts of  the Assumption and the Immaculate Conception. Christmas is still there, thank God.

It’s become a lot worse across the Channel. As Mr  Abbott notes in his ground-breaking work Dark Albion: A Requiem for the English:

Schools with many ethnic pupils exclude Christmas festivities, and local councils use some word other than Christmas on their seasonal cards. Stoke City Council celebrates `Winterfest`, while Oakengates Town Council in Telford, Shropshire has its `winter celebrations`–all in the cause of `not offending other cultures`.

Birmingham City Council meanwhile is an avid supporter of the annual Islamic Awareness Week (funded with taxpayers’ money, of course) and in 2010 the Department of Health announced that female Moslem staff would be permitted to cover their arms in hospital wards despite strict dress codes introduced in 2007 to prevent the spread of deadly hospital superbugs, blamed on long sleeves.

Abbott relates several many such tales of “positive discrimination” carried to  absurd extremes  including one about the charming Moslem custom of honour killing.–usually of  a wife  suspected of infidelity or a daughter accused of having an affair with a man disapproved of by the family. In 1995  Tasleem Begum aged 21 was killed by her brother-in-law Shabir Hussain.  He ran her over in his car, reversed over her and sped forward once more, crushing her three times. He pleaded in court that the balance of his mind had been altered by the great shame she had brought to the family. The plea was accepted and he was jailed for just three years–for manslaughter. Abbot comments:

Culture has become an excuse for many crimes, including murder.  If Aztecs had survived the Spanish invasion and some of them were now in Britain, we would no doubt be hearing justifications of the ritual essential to their `faith`–that of human sacrifice.

I meant to include more of David Abbott’s comments on Islam and indeed on religion  in general in this post, but I think I’ll leave them till later.


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