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May 28th, 2015


If you can bear it, watch this video until the end. I can’t improve on Fr Ray Blake’s comment:

In a way this video says everything about what is wrong with the Church in Ireland; it is narcissistic and feel-gooding, self-neutering, incapable of reproducing itself, neither evangelising nor being self-critical. It is shallow, self-referential, lacking the ability to speak to either the mind or the heart, only to sentiment. It neither depends on or leads to Jesus Christ, in fact it becomes a replacement for him.

Elsewhere Fr Blake  says:

A friend bought an autobiography of a bishop recently and then complained how shallow, self justifying it was. How it seemed to lack any talk of Grace and seemed spiritually vacuous, as if it was written by a name dropping minor politician, rather than a Christian and a man of faith. I have yet to read it but I suspect it is typical of any apologia of any bishop today, with no attempt as Newman might have made, to reveal his method of thinking or his spiritual motivation, or the action of God in his life.

A Church that is rootless is not ‘owned’ by the people. A Church that is afraid to teach because it has cut itself from its previous Magisterium, and which instead sows uncertainty, has nothing to say in the daily living of its members, nor in the intellectual forum in general. In fact it is irrelevant. It has all the outward appearance that it once used for the furtherance of its mission but has lost its interior meaning. It is not so much an Emperor with no clothes, but the clothes without an Emperor; all that is left is the institution, which itself is meaningless. In Germany, as in Ireland, the real-estate portfolio seems to be what the Church is about rather than any actual teaching or revelation of Christ.

What I find so sad about Archbishop Martin’s statements is that they  seem to be about institutional power, and influence, the very thing that disgusted the Irish during the abuse crisis. This is what even practising Catholics seem to find so objectionable about the Irish bishops, but in fact they are like many European bishops who have nothing to say and nothing to offer except a vacuous institution; the Church preaching not Jesus Christ but simply protecting its back…

…they have emptied the Church of meaning, leaving it ineffectual, substituting for doctrine a warm feeling, for the worship of God, a celebration of community. This what the Irish Church has been offering for decades—pap!


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  1. How very appropriate for a people who have voted Yes to legalise SSM. In doing so they ignore biology and celebrate ‘love’, not the love of God the creator, nor that of Christ on the cross, or the martyrs of Ireland and England who gave their lives rather than break a promise made to God, or those through the centuries who were obedient to divine law. No wonder the LateLate Show invited Fr Ray Kelly to talk about himself and sing. I wonder did he vote Yes?

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