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May 27th, 2015

The Noble Act of B——y in the New Ireland

An anonymous reader sums it all up….

Well,  Stramentarius…..
It’s surely time for hi-fives and trebles all round ! The Irish people have had their say and lead the world, but, Stramentarius, there’s a big job left to do for the likes of you and me. We have to clear our language box so that the now ennobled activity which formerly was the butt of jokes is given the respect which the Irish people know it deserves.
So, Stramentarius, out with demeaning language like ‘b—–er off ’, ‘well I’ll be b—–ed’, ’it’s all gone to ‘b—–y’ and so on. And in particular, we must all press for recognition of ‘informed consent’. For example, if an onlooker in an open space hears another citizen saying ‘Well. b—-er me’ or some such words they should be entitled to believe that informed consent has been given and that the activity so cherished by the Irish people can take place without further discussion.
Well, I suppose that I should keep up new Irish customs by asking you to ‘b—-r’ off to your study and start on the job ahead of us.
What better way to begin, than without more ado to “take a reality check” and then  share the above inspiring message with you all?

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