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May 26th, 2015

Our Dark Age of Unrepented Mortal Sin

The endorsement by the Irish people of sodomistic pseudogamy is part of a continuum that began with the wholesale rejection of  Humanae Vitae in 1968.  The rot might have been stopped, or at least mitigated, if priests and bishops had been brave enough, or convinced enough, to back up Pope Paul’s encyclical, vigorously,  in their preaching and in the confessional. Even if they had failed,  they would have done their duty to their flocks and to Almighty God. But the overwhelming majority of them kept silent, and our present predicament is the result.

Here’s Fr Hunwicke’s take on where the Church is now at:

Well, we all know what happened in the twentieth century. Divorce got its toe in the door … and within decades the door was wide open. Unnatural and disordered sexual practices corrupted Marriage. Fornication gradually ceased to be furtive and, after being ‘Free love’ in the 1930s, had by the end of the century become the natural assumption of Western societies. Homosexuals … no; some homosexuals … ceased to enjoy inhabiting an amusing subculture and became aggressive public ideologues. The mortal sin of missing Mass without good cause ceased to be a matter of guilt. You know all this, and much more.

My analysis, and suggestion, is this. Society has in effect regressed to the superficially christianised state it was in during the ‘Dark Ages’. We are, in other words, in a new Dark Age of widespread unrepented mortal sin. In fact, ours is an even darker age, because people do not even accept that they are in a state of sin, and do not repent, not even once a year. Nor, probably, even when they die.

Unhappily, however, we have inherited the ecclesial sacramental culture, to which the reforms of S Pius X have led, in which it appears that a General Communion is the normal custom at every Mass. It is not commonly preceded by Confession; that sacrament has become so uncommon that, at the beginning of the Year of Faith, I heard (yes, I heard this with my own ears) one priest in a mainstream church, say this to his congregation:I have decided to use the Year of Faith to revive confession. As you all know, in this church we have for long used the Confessional for storing what gets left unsold after a Parish bring and buy sale. It’s pretty full, and we need to get rid of all the stuff so as to use the Confessional for confessions again. There are a lot of books … I invite everyone to come and help themselves to any thing at all they can take away and use; and then we’ll have a Work Party to clean it out.’

So people who have not been to their duties for years receive Communion when, at family events, they have the rare experience of being at a celebration of Mass. People who have committed sexual sins for which they feel no repentance, which they have no intention to strive to avoid in future, naturally troop up to the Altar and receive Communion. As a product of Anglican culture, I am still horrified by the widespread Catholic custom of receiving communion into the hand and then walking nonchalantly away putting the Host into ones mouth as one walks.

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