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May 23rd, 2015

Mince Tall…

One of the funniest comedians ever, at least in my opinion, was Kenneth Williams of the radio show Round the Horne and many Carry On films. He was, if you will pardon the expression, as queer as a coot—or, if one prefers to be polite, as camp as a row of tents and as gay as a palm tree full of parakeets.   One of his stock phrases was: “Oh, hello! I’m Julian and this is my friend Sandy.”  In one episode of  Round the Horne his admonition to Sandy was “Mince tall!”  Julian, Sandy and  and all their friends  are doing just that in Ireland tonight.

I expect that like me you are feeling as though you have just been mugged by a gang of homofascists. Their victory has been so crushing and so complete that one just feels like going away to a quiet corner and  nursing one’s bruises. Its a luxury we can’t afford, because the next battle, over the repeal of  the Eighth Amendment, will be upon us sooner than we expect.

Now that sodomistic pseudogamy has been written into the Constitution with the overwhelming endorsement of the Irish people, the political and media establishments have good reason to believe abortion will be a pushover.

I shall have more to say on this in future posts, but for now I need to ponder just why we lost so badly. I’ll leave you with this thought: what would the men of 1916 have said, had they known that just 99 years after their sacrifice, the Irish people would have chosen, freely, to change the concept of marriage to include homosexuality.




One of  the funniest comedians ever  Queer as a coot…..Gay as a palm tree full of parakeets




  1. A sad day not just for Ireland but around the world wherever Catholics have been evangelised by good holy Irish priests. It is a monumental blow to the Catholic Church and the devil must be rubbing his hands with glee. Sodomy has now been put on the same level as Holy Matrimony. Now the persecutions can begin. Bake us a (homo) wedding cake . or else. . .!
    Why was Pope (who am I to judge) Francis so subdued ? That’s a shame.

  2. 62 per cent of 60 per cent of the electorate voted Yes. That means that almost three quarters of voters either voted No or didn’t vote at all. Since all the political parties and all the media were vociferous in their support of a Yes vote, who now represents the other three quarters of the population??

  3. As you say next on the pagan government’s agenda will be the repeal of the Eighth amendment. After that

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