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May 16th, 2015

Expect  the ‘Yes’ Side to Play it Even Dirtier

Her is another offering from Pastor Emeritus on the homosexual pseudogamy referendum:

I will not be surprised if the Yes campaign gets dirty, with Colm O’Gorman and his 1-in-4 making more appearances.   They have had, from the beginning, the scandals issue in the Church deliberately focused on next Friday’s vote.  It was their aim to plant in the minds of the Irish people the sentence,‘Who are they to be telling us how to live our lives?’  Notice how, in withdrawing money from Accord, the point is made that money is needed ‘for safeguarding children’.

O’Gorman et al must be raging when they hear bishops and priests say that it is the children that will suffer most if the Yes people win, and that people are beginning to listen to them.  I cannot see those Yes leaders playing clean if they begin to anticipate that the No side might yet win.  While O’Gorman won sympathy, and rightly so, at the beginning for his own story of being abused by a priest; as time went on, and it was known that he lived with a gay partner, and was campaigning for ‘gay rights’ to the extent that he went for election to the Dail, the people seemed to have had a sense that something was not quite right.   He lost his deposit.

He has gone on to lead Amnesty, for a fat salary, but all the time aware that only one obstacle stood in the way of gay marriage—the Roman Catholic Church.   It had to be demonised if he was to win out.  Of course he says he goes to church.  So do many others today, and they pray; but they also hold that ‘if Jesus was alive today he would agree with me!’   So, folks, fasten your seat belts for a rough ride in the final week.

Tomorrow, or possibly on Monday, I will publish another, much longer post on the Referendum, this time from my friend Fr Brendan Purcell.

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