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May 15th, 2015

Brave to ‘Come Out’? Come Off It!

I’m hoping to say a bit more about that absurd referendum before the vote. In the meantime, here are a few more thoughts from Pastor Emeritus in Cork:

We all are being asked to vote Yes is order to assuage a persecution mania  among gays; or, I should say, among some gays, who see homophobia
everywhere.   Those gays demonstrate courage, so the Taoiseach says, when  they ‘come out’, and declare themselves publicly as being gay.

Did they assume that we did not know they were gay, and we were simply letting them  get on with their lives as they chose to do?   They are seeking inclusion in
society, they say.   But the gays that went before this ninny generation of  cry-babies were happy to live in society, and not flaunt their being gay.

Take for instance the prominent actor directors, Micheal Macliammoir and  Hilton Edwards, known popularly as ‘the boys’, and so admired in society for
their work.   They must be turning in their graves at the way the present generation of gays are parading themselves as persecuted, and seeking to be
regarded as couragous.   What of the courage of wives and husbands deciding  to have babies, and even more important and difficult, nurture them and
raise them.

Would  that wiser gay heads would tell of their decision to  vote No, for the sake of the gay people in society.

More from Pastor Emeritus tomorrow.

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  1. Cry babies . . . exactly.

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