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May 14th, 2016

Pandaemonium and Priestesses

Pope Francis has promised a group of elderly progressive nuns that he’s going to look into the question of “ordaining”  women deacons (something definitively ruled out by Pope St John Paul II). The possibility of Communion for unrepentant adulterers and now this! Pope Francis certainly doesn’t let the grass grow under his feet.

Can anyone doubt that women deacons are merely a stalking horse for priestesses? Pope Francis may not think so , but you may be sure those nuns do.  The blog Ignatius His Conclave imagines how C.S. Lewis’s devil Screwtape might react:



The Pandaemonium Club
666, Pall Mall
London, SW1Y 5EP

Your Holiness,

May we at the Pandaemonium Club express our heartfelt admiration at the progress of your pontificate?  We had not hoped for so much in so short a time. Yours is a ministry of surprise and spontaneity, which we at the Club can only applaud.

Doctrine in the Catholic Church has always seemed to Club members to be weighed down by tradition and overly concerned with consistency. Your Holiness, in throwing caution to the winds and speaking from the heart without fear or premeditation, has opened a new era in relations between the Holy See and our own scarcely less venerable Society.

After ‘The Joys of Sex’, the ordination of women deacons! Things are certainly on the move.

I have been asked by the Committee, to offer you Life Membership, as a sign of our apprectiation.

Should you honour us by your acceptance, a chair by the fire will be reserved in the smoking room for your sole use, where I am sure you will feel completely at home.

Jeremy Huntingdon Screwtape, KCMG



  1. It’s about time the orthodox Catholic Cardinals and Bishops put a stop to this wreaker.
    He has caused and is causing such untold damage to the Church.

    • We’re just back from a jubilee audience with Pope Francis in Rome. It rained really heavily during the audience, particularly over St Peter’s for some reason. Locals said it was most unusual…

  2. The new “religion”- Modernism is with us again. It is not, of course, strictly speaking “new”-the great Pope St. Pius X utterly condemned it in his famous Encyclical Pascendi Dominiciu Gregis over 100 years ago and branded it the synthesis of all heresies.

    Modernism leads to the dissolution of all definite religious content.

    It is back as the primary threat to the Church.

    We now see Modern Pride as Catholic humility.

    Amoris Laetitia is clearly a deliberately destabilizing document.

    The Church has not been wrong for 2000 years.

    His Eminence Cardinal Gerhard Muller, Head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith has said in his new book – length interview that “Mercy never means a weaver of the Commandments of God”, a simple fact and a forthright expression of basic Catholic Catechism. He has also said “We Catholics have no reason to celebrate October 31, 1517 the date that is considered the beginning of the Reformation that would lead to the rupture of Western Christianity.”. May the good Lord long protect him.

    Nothing, of course, happens that God does not permit. We all need an earnest prayer life.

  3. Part of my final sentence in my submission of the 14th May was inadvertently incomplete and should have read-

    “We all need an earnest and charitable prayer life”.

    Thank you.

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