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May 14th, 2015

Ascension Thursday Sunday

 Betook me to the Pixies this morning.  It really annoys me that Newchurch  has virtually abolished one of the greatest Holy Days,  transferring it to the following Sunday just to  spare us lazy laity a little inconvenience. After all, from early church times onwards the Ascension has been the third most important feast in the Christian calendar.
It was, of course, a quiet, decent, reverent Low Mass of the Ascension at the Society of St Pius X  church of St John, Mounttown, Dun Laoghaire.   No seventh-rate ordained clown goofing around on the altar; no painfully embarrassing bidding prayers; no mangled rubrics. At an SSPX Mass you don’t find yourself wondering whether Our Lord is truly present.  I’m really grateful to them for that, so I put quite a generous offering in the collection basket. Thanks, Pixies; I  wish you were back where you belong, and I really think you ought to be, but I quite appreciate why you think that’s not possible at present.

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