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May 12th, 2015

Prayer Plus Strategy Can Defeat Pseudogamy

A retired priest friend has some sensible things to say about the “marriage referendum” or—as I prefer to call it—the campaign to introduce sodomistic pseudogamy.

Greetings from Cork…
As the time for voting NO to the strident Gay operation to make Ireland totally part of the American Empire, though already slices of it are within that Empire, I have been wondering about the part you both might be playing in the resistance movement.
The Yes campaign are, of course, reckoning without the fact that our Leader declares Himself to be a ‘hidden’ Leader; and that much of our most important offensive will be hidden, as for instance, within the walls of enclosed religious orders.   Hence the enemy is baffled at what it perceives as a move by the populace towards the No campaign, while their attacks on it are blaring out from the television and radio stations, and the newspapers, the mouths of politicians and ‘celebrities’.   ‘What’s going on?’ they wonder.
There can be no doubt that prayer is the key to our victory.  One of the things I think that makes a charismatic group authentic is its being rooted in scripture.  At this time words from the psalms can be so strengthening:  ‘God is the shield that protects me’ (Psalm  7); indeed, and as such God is the shield that is protecting the family in Ireland right now.
However, although His kingdom be not of this world, it is within it, and we serve it.   So we have to keep an eye on strategy in these final days when moving forward.   I think of how many commentators spoke of how the Conservatives won the recent UK election.   All agreed that a vast number of people made their minds up in the final 24 hours, and even on the way to vote.  
There must be a great salvo from the Nos at the end.   Would that a famous zany ‘celebrity’ declared that she/he was voting NO the day before. [Father is alluding to Russell Brand]  Bishops, though to be commended at last, led by Cork, can take us only so far.   We need a politician or two to break ranks (and gain votes if on the winning side!), saying that he/she has become convinced by the arguments.   Watch your backs where Fr Iggy is concerned, as he will be a last-minuter; as may be that man Hoban.  
Its still all to play for, and we must, I guess, throw off our fragile seniority and do something.   Well, I have just done it.  You two are ‘in the know’.   To work, lads, there’s not a moment to lose.  Contact your fellow strategists.  

May the Lord be with you; and the presence of Jesus, Mary and Joseph guide you.

Pastor Emeritus

P.S. I forgot to include the following conversation between an elderly lady neighbour and a canvasser for “Yes’. 

C. Will you please vote Yes?

N. Why should I?

C. To bring equality into society.

N. What do you mean by equality?

C. That men and women are essentially the same.

N. Ah, young man, you should go to Specsavers.

Perhaps if we laughed at them the No campaign would do better.



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