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March 3rd, 2015

Archbishop Takes on the Sodomites

Spare a thought and a prayer for the brave Archbishop of San Francisco, Salvatore Cordileone, who has defied the wealthy and powerful homosexual lobby in that latter-day city of Sodom.   His offence is to insist that teachers in Catholic schools should adhere to Catholic doctrine when teaching about matters concerned with sex.
The “gay” lobby and their allies, purporting to represent Catholic parents, have hired a dodgy but highly successful PR consultant named Sam Singer, who has launched a media blitz against the archbishop.
To give you just one example of Singer’s usual modus operandi: when a tiger killed a teenager and mauled several others in San Francisco zoo,  the PR wizard was hired by San Francisco Zoological Society to put the best possible spin on the incident. He planted stories that two of the injured had been drinking, smoking pot and behaving badly before the tiger attacked them.
He then encouraged the zoo to put up signs urging visitors not to tease the animals, although there was no evidence that the boys had ever teased the tiger.  Singer admitted: “We knew journalists would ask if they taunted the animals. And we’d say ‘We don’t know, but we have enough information that we believe it was a possibility.’”
 Now he is using the media in just the same way to denigrate the Church, feeding them stories of “concerned Catholic parents” and oppressive clergy. One of the falsehoods he is peddling is that Archbishop Cordileone is going to purge Catholic schools of  “gay, lesbian and  ‘pro-choice’ teachers”. The Archbishop has insisted several times that he has no intention of firing teachers simply because of their sexual orientation or beliefs. He is merely insisting that they teach Catholic truth—through their actions and words.
Predicting the outcome of Singer’s campaign, the San Francisco Weekly says Archbishop Cordileone probably doesn’t have a prayer.
“That’s false,” retorts Anne Hendershott of the Veritas Centre for Ethics in Public Life at the Franciscan University of Steubenville, Ohio.  “Archbishop Cordileone has an abundance of prayers—of countless Catholics across the country who are increasingly alarmed by the attacks on their Church. Faithful Catholics are beginning to mobilize under the leadership of their own courageous bishops and priests. Prayer is powerful. When combined with a willingness to fight back, it can be unstoppable. This war is not over. The fight has just begun.”

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