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March 20th, 2016

Abortion and Sodomy Solemnisation

Yesterday I received the following from Anthony Grealish of Glen o’ the Downs, whom I have known since the pro-life campaign of the 1980s. It was intended as a Comment, but as I lack the energy and initiative to transfer it to that category I’m making it into a blog post. Tony is right: today all right (left?) thinking people are both pro-abort and pro-sodomy.

Please forgive my  congratulations  on continuing to write your pieces after the passing of Joanna which must have been heartbreaking.

Thirty years ago Libel laws prevented my mentioning pro-aborts when I was on the radio with Loretto Browne of SPUC. The only one “out” was Dr Noel Browne, a rather embittered man. Now, to suggest someone was in favour of the 8th and opposed to Sodomy Solemnisation could be libellous. To suggest that someone in public life was posing as a sodomite rather than a posing sodomite (in the Oscar Wilde case)  could be libellous I suspect. “The only gay in the College” comes to mind.

I do hope it is not disrespectful to suggest that Pope Francis gives great glory to St. Ignatius of Loyola’s wisdom. Ignatius did not wish Jesuits  to have ecclesiastical preferment…..

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