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March 18th, 2018

Papal Disasters, St Patrick and Faggotry

Here are two challenging thoughts.

The first is from Fr John Hunwicke, and it’s the best summary of the present papacy I’ve seen yet.

During the Bergoglian era, the two major disasters have been the shiftiness, accompanied by unbecoming bluster, in the area of paedophilia and coverups and cronyism; and attempts to get away with perverting the Church’s moral teaching by stealth.

This was prompted  largely by the unsuccessful attempt by Pope Francis’ supremo for communications, Mgr Dario Edoardo Viganó,  to manipulate the media into believing that Pope Emeritus Benedict, in a recent letter, had expressed unqualified and fulsome support for his successor. This was done by deleting  portions of the letter which tended to  show the contrary. Pope Benedict was  in fact declining to write an endorsement of a series of booklets published under the auspices of Pope Francis.

The second thought arises from Taoiseach Leo Varadkar’s St Patrick’s Day junketings in the United States. Today’s blog post by Ann Barnhardt is fortuitously, but amazingly, à propos. It says, among other things:

Saint Patrick’s greatest miracle was driving all of the faggots out of Ireland.  This was a key reason why he was recognized as a saint, and this was one of his greatest miracles.  “Snakes” is code for faggots – back when people literally did not discuss faggots and faggotry out loud because it is THAT DISGUSTING.



Can you imagine?  Can you imagine what a vastly, vastly improved world this would be if there were NO FAGGOTS?

I can’t discover where Ann got  the idea that “snakes” is code for homosexuals. But if by “faggots” (the American word for queers) she means  just militant sodomites and NOT everyone  struggling with homosexual temptations then she’s quite right. I hope I understand her correctly, but I think she should spell it out.

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