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March 16th, 2015

On Being Like Rabbits

Department of the blooming obvious: the British Government’s advisory board on drugs has just woken up to the fact that giving schoolchildren information about drugs may actually encourage them to take drugs.  At best, they say, it may be pointless, and at worst, actually harmful.

I suppose it’s too much to hope that the authorities may eventually wake up to the fact that school sex education is equally counter-productive.  “How to” information is at best unnecessary.  At worst,  it encourages experimentation, unless it is  imparted in an unequivocally moral context, which is virtually impossible.  As an outspoken American Catholic lady once put it to me, on the subject of sex-ed: “Fill their heads with all that stuff and they’ll be at it like bunnies.”  She’s right: teenagers are extremely combustible.

The peddlers of contraception and abortion, of course, want our youngsters “to be like rabbits” (to quote our beloved Holy Father slightly out of context). It’s the best way to boost sales.

When you talk to some disenchanted and lapsed middle-aged Irish Catholics they will tell you  they were  in woeful ignorance about reproductive matters throughout their formative years. I don’t believe it. They would have had to go about with closed eyes and ears.


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