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March 12th, 2015


In a trenchant and challenging interview given to Mass of Ages, magazine of the Latin Mass Society of England and Wales, American Professor Peter Kwasniewski of Wyoming Catholic College says the recent synod in Rome was a colossal wake-up call to the Church and to the faithful. “It showed us, in no uncertain terms, that many of our ‘shepherds’ were like drunks and madmen, and that we cannot sit back and take for granted that the Faith is safe.”

Modern Catholics, says Professor Kwasniewski, are trained to take what is given to them and don’t stir themselves to action very easily.

That was the problem with a the reception of Vatican II and the reformed liturgy: the ‘experts’ spoon-fed us all this stuff and we choked it down, instead of spitting it out and demanding to see the ingredients. But you can see to an astonishing extent that this wasn’t working with the Synod. The experts tried to pull the wool over our eyes and it failed not only among us, but even among themselves. The Machiavellians were too clever by half. It came as a resounding warning to the Church militant.

So, in short, the Synod galvanised many Catholics around the world to take up their catechisms and defend the Faith. This is all to the good and, in God’s mercy, may portend a still greater opening of minds and hearts to traditionalism, which has been attentively clued in to the hermeneutic of rupture and discontinuity  for five decades and offers a coherent, convincing way out of the madness.

Professor Kwasniewski describes  Cardinal Raymond Burke as a truly outstanding defender of the Catholic Faith, and believes he will become, more than ever, a worldwide ambassador for the Old Rite—for the theology, spirituality, fine arts, discipline and law that sustain it, and for the traditional Catholic doctrine on faith and morals. “However you look at it, Cardinal, Burke occupies the moral high ground and the cause of Tradition will continue to enjoy his wise, gentle and generous patronage.”



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  1. Nick you are spot on again. We hope cardinal Burke will lead us out of this sissyfied church.
    Maybe he will be Pope someday. . God of surprises ! ! eh!

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