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June 1st, 2015

Did We Deserve These Bishops?

The most interesting take on the sodomistic pseudogamy referendum, in my opinion, is that of Fr John Hunwicke,  In his blog post this morning, Fr Hunwicke actually says it does the Irish Catholic laity  enormous credit, under the circumstances, that so many of them voted NO:

When I was young, there was a lot of talk to the effect that Vatican I had defined the Papacy; but had left its teachings unbalanced by saying so little about the Episcopate. Vatican II was said to have done splendidly by correcting this balance.

So, at Vatican II, we had the status of bishops being given a puff … by the bishops! And the bishops, additionally, claiming enormous moral credit for … themselves giving themselves this puff!

I wonder what narrative History will give of the First World Episcopate in the decades since the Council.

I could go on about the collapse within the Church of the religious orders, of vocations to the priesthood. I could get rhetorical about the Liturgy. But I might simply be expressing my own prejudices. I have as many, if not more, human failings than most. And perhaps what has happened since the Council constituted (as it certainly did in the case of Liturgy) in some cases simply an extrapolation of what was already happening.

But … the Paedophile Priest scandal! Here, considered objectively, we do have a massive dereliction of duty on the part of Bishops and of Episcopacy. In many cases, it seems, they disregarded juridical procedures and maintained ‘the filth’ in pastoral ministry.

And then there have been some high-profile episcopal adulterers; firstly in Ireland and then in Scotland and most recently in England (I wonder, incidentally, if there has been any enquiry into the circumstances of Kieran Conry’s appointment; and why not).

I think it does the Irish laity enormous credit, in all the circumstances, that so many of them did vote in accordance with the teachings of the Church. (One constituency voted against SSM; two constituencies, knife-edge.)

It would be reassuring if some representative body of bishops … perhaps, let’s say, a Synod … were to express some corporate regret about what their Order has done to the Church in the last disastrous half century. It has, in some parts of the world and in more than a few individuals, shown disturbing indications of a radical dysfunctionality.

Instead, we have suggestions of enhancing still further the powers of this Order by entrenching canonically and structurally and even dogmatically the Episcopal Conferences.

Holy Mother Church needs that like she needs a hole in the head.


 Liberating from What,  Precisely?

Fr H. also has  something rather pertinent to say about the appointment  of Irishwoman Professor  Louise Richardson, as Vice-Chancellor of  Oxford University:

So this University’s next Vice-Chancellor is a girl from the Co Waterford; a TCD MA.

As a seasoned hibernophile, I would view this appointment with enthusiasm but for the fact that she took a year out from Trinity to go to America and describes the experience as ‘liberating’.

Oh dear.

She’ll probably end up as president of her home country.

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