June 14, 2015

An End to Medjheadery?

I don’t know if Pope Francis had Medjugorje and its “seers” in mind last week when he criticised those “who always  need novelty in their Christian identity”, adding  “but where are the visionaries who tell us today about ‘the letter that the Madonna will send tomorrow at 4 p.m.?’”  I certainly hope so. The Pope told reporters earlier this week that a decision on Medjugorje  is due soon.

There is overwhelming evidence that Medjugorje  is a fake, and it is high time for a definitive decision to that effect.  Thousands of  people have been deceived, and if the Holy Father is about to grasp this nettle he will deserve the undying gratitude of all Catholics—although there are many who won’t see it that way.

Yes, I know there have been some good fruits, such as people returning to the sacraments—particularly to confession. But it’s the roots that are rotten.

Who could possibly find fault with Pope Francis’ assertion that “God’s last word is called Jesus and nothing more.”  Fr Hunwicke  thinks it is a wonderful and beautifully terse expression  of Christian Orthodoxy.

It puts down the errors of Islam; it is a rebuff to the neo-Gnostic convolutions of the Kaspers and Marxes. It is a superb expression of the function of the Roman Pontiff to act as a barrier, what Blessed John Henry Newman called a remora, against innovation, whether dogmatic or moral; and it could serve as a summary of the the decree Pastor aeternus of Vatican I. Four cheers for our beloved Holy Father!







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  1. I did a one-hour documentary on Medugorje for RTE when I was religious affairs correspondent. I’ve no doubt it’s a fake. Getting onto the bus at Medugorje, one woman could see the sun “spinning in the sky like a silver disk”. I couldn’t. I took a picture and neither could my camera!

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