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July 22, 2015

Cardinal Worships Goddess

There’s a brief video on Rorate  of a Cardinal in a black suit paying homage to the  goddess Pachamama somewhere in Argentina.  He does it by wandering in a circle around some nondescript articles on the dusty ground, accompanied by some peasants, two of whom are  banging drums in a  desultory fashion. It’s not worth looking at. They all look rather embarrassed, including His Eminence.

Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi, President of the Pontifical Council for Culture was in the area for some kind of ecumenical event. The cult of Pachamama more or less disappeared after the Spanish conquest, but it’s recently been revived, partly with the help of radical “Catholic” groups.

Here’s Fr Hunwicke’s  take on this bizarre event…

Dear me, how superstition does still flourish! Rorate has a video of some cardinal worshipping the pagan goddess Pachamama (although it does not reveal whether he went all the way and performed the all-important traditional sacrifice of llama foetuses).

I had thought that, after the spread of Christianity in Latin America, this goddess, mother of both the Sun and the Moon (gosh, I bet the midwife needed to stitch her up after that!!), had her cult replaced by that of our blessed Lady the Mother of God sub titulo  Candelaria. Clearly, I was wrong. Cardinals always know best!

Last time I had the privilege to spend a happy week at our Lady of the Atonement, I was taken to see the superbly restored and beautified Cathedral in San Antonio, with its splendid Shrine of our Lady of Candelaria. I have rarely seen anything so lovely.

I can recommend it to Cardinal Wozname. If he could try to develop a devotion to our Lady, and then get permission from Archbishop Gustavo to celebrate Pontifical High Mass in either the Extraordinary Form or the Anglican Use at the Shrine of our Lady of Candelaria in the Lone Star State, he would find it a much more joyous business that all that grim and gloomy syncretism!

Beata Maria de Candelaria Deipara Virgo et Mater Laetitiae, ora pro nobis.

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