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January 13, 2015

We Must Fight for Christendom

There is something quite absurd about the way the victims of the Charlie Hebdo massacre are  lauded as martyrs.   Those hate-filled anarchists were no more “martyrs” than the Moslem fanatics who killed them, or than the Nazi Horst Wessel. Fr John Hunwicke points out that all this nonsense bears an uncanny resemblance to the hysteria that followed the death of Diana Prince of Wales: “this eerie mass hysteria of the mob; the politicians riding on the back of it; the coercion into a prescribed self-identification; the ludicrous apotheosis of the dead.”

It was Flannery O’Connor, I think, who insisted  that we must push against the prevailing culture as vigorously as it is pushing against us.  I’m realising with increasing clarity that the remnants of Christendom, whether Catholic or Protestant, are being ground between two very unpleasant millstones: the secularism of the so-called Enlightenment, represented in its most extreme modern form by the likes of Charlie Hebdo; and a much more ancient foe in the shape of Islam.


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  1. Brilliant stuff. Now how do we get our bishops and pope to read it?

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