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January 12, 2015

From ‘Schism’ to ‘Problem’

Hibernicus, organiser of the Irish Catholics Forum, has responded generously and  positively to my objection to the use of the word “schism” as applied to the Society of St Pius X.  He has changed the title of the thread to “The SSPX Problem in a Nutshell”.  He states quite rightly that the status of the SSPX is highly problematic and that we should all hope and pray for their reconciliation.

Nevertheless, a possibly unworthy thought still occurs to me. Under the present pontificate, the Church faces very many  problems of which the SSPX is surely not the most serious.  Personally I would find it difficult to argue that Bishop Bernard Fellay has done more damage to the Church than the present Holy Father.

Alaisdir Ua Séaghdha, another contributor to the Irish Catholics Forum, while conceding  that the SSPX is not in schism (“yet”), says  there is certainly a “schismatic atmosphere” around them.  My understanding of schism is that it is a  sin, which one has either committed or not committed. Who am I (or Alaisdir) to judge?

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