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February 3nd, 2018

Varadkar Should Wake up and Smell the Gas

One of the most loyal subscribers to the Brandsma Review in the days when I was editor was Caitriona Connolly of Templemore, Co. Tipperary.  A few days ago Miss  Connolly, disgusted by Leo Varadkar’s  abortion campaign, sent him the following e-mail. I hope it makes him want to crawl under a stone and hide, but I fear the man has no shame: which is why he and his henchmen keeping calling for a courteous, civilised  debate on their plan to legalise baby-killing. They know that if the gloves really come off—as they should—the Eighth Amendment can be saved.

Dear Taoiseach…

It is most commendable that you today attended a ceremony to commemorate the unfortunate victims of Hitler’s atrocities. RTÉ news reported: “Leo Varadkar said it was important to understand how the Jewish people became victims so we can intervene when other groups are being victimised due to racism or discrimination.” 

The breath-taking, mind-melting element in all of this is that you appear to be utterly blind to the fact that the “unborn” are today’s victims, and you, sir, stand in Hitler’s shoes! The womb is today’s gas chamber and you are leading the posse to exterminate countless unborn victims.

Hitler had his list—Jews, handicapped, homosexuals, gypsies. Your list is infinitely more broad ranging—all unborn lives up to 12 weeks of age, the handicapped and those not deemed to have lives worth living (by some). 

Pro-abortion politicians et al. are today’s Nazis, so now, perhaps, you will understand how those Nazis who defended themselves did so. They were as unremorseful and as comfortable in their skin as you currently are in yours. But that changed for a good number of them, when the world held them to ransom, and their eyes were opened and their ears were opened!

You’ve been told relentlessly about the wrongness of abortion and the correctness of the sanctity of human life. So now—are you going to wake up and smell the roses, or will it be the smell of gas for you?
Yours faithfully
Caitríona Connolly, Templemore

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