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February 19, 2015

Ave Flores Martyrum!

Here is another picture of some of the Coptic martyrs murdered by Moslem fanatics in Libya.  As Antonio Socci of  Rorate Caeli says, we need to look these young heroes in the face. 

How can the Church waste time with pseudo-questions, such as “communion for ‘remarried’ divorced”, when scores of Christians are being slaughtered every single day?
By Antonio Socci

We need to look at those 21 young Christians in the face. Rather than deny Christ they underwent martyrdom in Libya and before having their throat cut by ISIS… they were continuously pronouncing the name of Jesus. Like the martyrs of old.

Their Bishop says: ‘That name whispered at the last instant was akin to the sealing of their martyrdom.’ Coptic Christians are strong people, tempered by 1400 centuries of Islamic persecutions. They are heirs to that St. Athanasius of Alexandria, who saved the true Catholic Faith from the Arian heresy, held by most of the bishops at that time. They are tough Christians, not like the spineless, tepid Catholics we are here in the West.
Here’s what real strength is: it’s not what hates and kills the defenceless (even children) and crucifies those who have a different faith, rapes the women—waving a black flag, faces hidden.
The real strength is the one of the defenceless who accept even martyrdom rather than deny their own dignity—that is to say, their faith—giving witness to the wonders of
‘the Beautiful Love’ as an ancient definition of the Son of God names Him.
A wonderful testimony. These are the true martyrs: the Christians. Not those who go around slaughtering defenceless innocents.
This is the glory of Christians: to follow a God who saved the world by having Himself killed, not by killing others, like all the leaders, ringleaders and ideologues (or revolutionaries) of this world have done, and who are so exalted in history books.

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