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December 26, 2014

Happy St Stephens Day to all subscribers/supporters.  I suppose it’s  too late to wish you a happy Christmas: that would have been impossible anyway as the site has been down for nearly a week.  When I turned it on this morning it suddenly came on again, for whatever reason. If my “webmistress” was responsible for this seeming miracle, I am most grateful. This next post has been ready for sending for quite some time .


 Judicial Jokers, and  Crimes Against Humanity 

The British Supreme Court has ruled that two  Catholic midwives are obliged to organise and supervise abortions.  The best comment on this appalling and draconian decision comes, as you might expect, from Fr John Hunwicke  of the Anglican Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham.

‘ Participate,  in my view, means taking part in a hands-on capacity.’ Thus the Court dismissed the appeal of two Catholic midwives who are not prepared, even in a solely administrative capacity, to organise and supervise abortions. What a shame these judges were not around in time to defend that poor Adolf Eichmann when the Israelis so unfairly tried and hanged him for organising the transportation of Jews to the Death Camps. And they would have been really in their element during the Nuremburg trials, defending the bureaucrats who masterminded the war crimes.

But stay: it is not too late. If the International Criminal Court ever finds itself trying former tyrants who gave orders for genocide, these judicial jokers will be invaluable to the defence teams.

Memo to all those contemplating crimes against humanity: OK, dears, as long as you aren’t HANDS ON.

Stramentaria tells me that in Bristol, in  the early 1960s, an Irish midwifery sister acquaintance refused to “scrub up” for an abortion and her conscientious objection was respected.

It’s the same dilemma—in a more extreme form—as that which faced pro-life Irish journalists when the NUJ used part of their subscriptions to help fund the British National Abortion Campaign. Do you go along with it, or not?

The day I read Fr Hunwicke’s post I noticed in the Daily Telegraph that a 93-year-old former member of the Waffen-SS is to go on trial in Germany accused of being involved  in the murder of hundreds of thousands of Jews at Auschwitz. Oskar Groening is charged with helping the Nazi regime benefit economically and supporting systematic killings by handling the belongings stolen from camp victims. His job was to go through their luggage and clothes for money which could be sent to SS headquarters in Berlin. Hardly “hands on”.  Presumably if Herr Groening were being tried by the British Supreme Court, they would be obliged to acquit him.

It’s another question altogether, I know, but there is something rather distasteful and  vindictive about continuing to hunt down these old men more than 70 years after their alleged crimes. Should not some kind of  statute of limitations apply in such cases?


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