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December 15, 2014

Tony O’Brien: Planned Parenthood Fixer
We knew it all along,  but there is  now positive proof that the Health Service Executive is in cahoots with the “Irish Family Planning Association”—the Irish tentacle of the International Planned Parenthood Federation. The truth comes in a news release from the Pro-Life Campaign, which  the national newspapers and RTE are most unlikely to carry. Here’s the release:
The Pro Life Campaign has strongly criticised the HSE report into state-funded crisis pregnancy counselling services which was made available yesterday.
The HSE audit was commissioned following an  undercover investigation in 2012 which revealed disturbing practices at certain taxpayer-funded crisis pregnancy counselling agencies.
The exposé included evidence that Irish Family Planning Association (IFPA) run clinics were telling women to lie to their doctors and say they had a miscarriage and not an abortion in the case of post-abortion complications.  The IFPA were also coaching women on how to illegally import abortion pills to self-administer without any medical supervision.
Cora Sherlock of the Pro Life Campaign said: ‘The mild way in which the report refers to these horrendous practices with no suggestion of any sanctions for the counselling agencies involved is of very grave concern and shows that the HSE has not given this issue the attention it deserves. The stance of the HSE to date has been to ignore the wrongdoing exposed.  By failing to strongly condemn the practices at IFPA-run clinics, the HSE is sending out a message that it is okay for counselling agencies to encourage women to lie to their doctors and to falsify medical records.  This is in effect facilitating a cover up of life-endangering practices. Women in crisis pregnancy deserve better from the HSE and state-funded agencies.’

All this is hardly surprising when you consider that the HSE is headed up by Tony O’Brien, once CEO of the IFPA who has  never concealed his anti-life views. He is an extremely clever and dangerous tactician and propagandist. Back in the 1990s. the Brandsma Review pointed out that one can learn a great deal about one’s opponents, not by reading their media propaganda, but by studying the literature they put out to motivate their  executives and field operatives.  Perusing  Entre  Nous, the “European Family Planning Magazine” (December 1994) one discovered that Tony O’Brien, then of the  IFPA, had absorbed the lesson, learned earlier by his pro-life opponents, that organisational  fragmentations always tend to put any  campaign on the defensive when it should be on the attack. His article pointed out that in the run-up to the Albert Reynolds abortion referendum the “pro-choice” groups carefully constructed coalitions of organisations that could work together without stifling the voices of member groups. The final umbrella group, the Alliance for Choice, brought together diverse resources and facilities, with remarkable success.

With their chum Tony O’Brien at the helm of the HSE, it would seem that  the IFPA can get away with anything. 



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