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August 28, 2014

Joys and Sorrows of Downsizing

We are “downsizing”, and moving tomorrow  into a two-bedroom flat (or, as the sellers insist on calling it, an “apartment”) in  Cabinteely, Dublin 18.  It is an operation that requires an immense amount  of thought and of hard work .

On of the pleasing aspects of our new place  is that the apartment block  is  in the grounds of the old St Gabriel’s hospital,  the first place where  permission was given for celebration of the old Latin Mass  under the terms of the motu proprio Ecclesia Dei Adflicta.  We were also gratified to discover that our postman, like ourselves, attends the Extraordinary Form, or as I prefer to call it, the Vetus Ordo.

Having reached the age of 77, and still comparatively fit, we decided that if we were going to move out of our four-bedroom semi in Dun Laoghaire, we had better do so well before we became too old and doddery to manage the two flights of stairs and keep the fairly large garden reasonably tidy. Our new place has a lift, which will be handy.

Recently I came across an advertisement for luxury apartments for discerning couples. It showed a contented, smiling  old pair with their arms around each other–but mysteriously, underneath, the text said in large type: “OPTION FOR PART EXCHANGE”.  Stramentaria says I had better be careful.

One of the painful aspects of moving into a smaller place is that one has to get rid of an enormous amount of objects–furniture, pictures etc., that one would far rather have kept.  This is a wrench, but it is salutary to realise that it won’t be that many years before one has to leave it all behind.

One of the things I have to dispose of is a  set of Brandsma Reviews, from Nos. 40 in December 1998 until the present issue, No. 133. We have been living for the past few months in at our son Joe’s duplex in Bray (he and his family are in Thailand), so if anyone  wants the Reviews they can collect them gratis from No 65, Saran Wood. They should telephone us beforehand at our new place (01-) 2859843  so that we can make sure one of us is in the Bray duplex to hand them over. Unfortunately I need to keep Nos 1-40 as I haven’t got electronic versions of them.

The upheaval of moving may prevent me from blogging over the next few days.



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