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August 25, 2014

Here is something to cheer all you Traddies up on a damp, dark, depressing August morning:

You know, while I would rather have a somewhat smoother path in the growth and implementation of Summorum Pontificum, maybe it is – in the large scheme of things – good that we can from time to time report that some bishop or even curial official actively oppresses people who want the traditional forms.  Yes, it hurts.  Yes, it is unjust.  Yes, we wish it weren’t so.  BUT… in doing that they only serve to toughen up those who will, in the end, undo their liberal catholic agenda. Go ahead and tell seminarians that they can’t attend the old Mass anywhere.  Go ahead and threaten them.  All you are doing is making them want it even more.  Deny them the chance to learn the older Mass in classes in the seminary, will you?  Fine, they will learn it in their rooms, with the help of young priests who are already using it.  Bully them all you want.  It won’t work.  They are the maquis and you can’t stop them. It is possible to get mired in all the bad news or in the news about strange and controversial things that this or that highly ranked churchman might spout on a bad day. What I have seen, and what encourages me, is that a lot of the younger guys, young priests and seminarians, are really not paying a whole lot of attention to goofy prelates and mixed messages.  These men do not lug around a lot of baggage.  They do not have the scars of the wars that some of us who are older have gained.  They really took notice of what Pope Benedict did and they took it on board.  In turn, this has a knock on effect among their peers.  As the newer seminarians come in, they will see that the older guys, whom they admire, are learning, and saying, the older Mass and they will want to do so too. ¡Hagan lío!  This cannot be stopped. —Fr John Zuhlsdorf


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