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August 10, 2015

¡Viva el Cristo Rey!

From time to time I want  to include counter-cultural videos on this blog.  The last such item was a clip about the martyrdom  of a group of  Carmelite nuns  during the French Revolution.

Here now is a film lasting nearly two and a half hours about the Cristeros—Mexican Catholics who took up arms against their socialist government  during the 1920s, forcing it to abandon the worst of its anti-religious laws. It’s in English with Spanish sub-titles.  I lifted it from Fr Ray Blake’s blog.  Having looked up everything I could find about the Cristeros on the internet, I think the film is remarkably accurate: particularly the martyrdom  of 14-year-old Jose Sanchez del Rio, who was beatified  by Pope Benedict XVI about 10 years ago. Fr Blake rightly comments that “For Greater Glory” is portrayed through a very thick Hollywood lens; but I found it inspiring nonetheless. And how refreshing to see a video where the Catholics are the goodies (which they mostly were) for a change.

If you don’t want to watch it all now, I suggest you save it for later. Or else do what I did, and  view it half an hour at a time.


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