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April 21st , 2017

On Yer Bike, Sunday Telegraph!

The Sunday Telegraph celebrated Easter with a front-page picture of a man dressed as Our Lord, complete with crown of thorns, vigorously riding a bicycle. The caption speculated that He might be anxious not to be late for His own Resurrection. I considered writing them an angry letter, but on second thoughts decided not to, as they might be happy to publish it in the hope that there’d be lots of responses on the lines of “lighten up,  you stuffy old bigot, where’s your sense of humour?”

I’ve noted before that mainstream newspapers would never regale readers with  insults to Mohammed involving camels—not because that would be in very bad taste but because they might get a bomb through their  front door.

But I’m rather surprised, once again, by the way the Telegraph is going. Historically it’s always been regarded as right-wing, which usually involves respect for religion.  Editor Charles Moore, who’s a Catholic convert, seems to have no authority over his young officers, who appear to think all religion is a legitimate target.  Such a photo and caption would never have appeared 20 years ago. Is it really now the case that the only way to be sure of putting manners on media people is to make it clear you’re willing  to kill them? What’s wrong with a little healthy self-censorship?

I see Fintan O’Toole of the Irish Times has been made top European commentator of the year, or something, for his insightful views on Brexit. He’s agin it, of course.  And  he’s the guy who thinks it’s witty to make wisecracks about yellow-pack bread and the Blessed Sacrament.



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