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For over 20 years, Straws for the Camel’s Back was a column in the traditionalist Catholic magazine the Brandsma Review, published  every two months. “Straws” has now morphed into this blog, and is still dedicated to newsworthy items not normally covered by the Irish religious press or–for that matter–any other media outlet.

Stramentarius is a Latin word meaning, roughly, “concerned with Straw”. So I am one who collects, chronicles and criticises the various outrages perpetrated by the liberal clerisy and their lay sidekicks upon the long-suffering faithful, while not neglecting the more overt enemies of the Church.

I was intrigued to discover recently that Stramentarius is also a more-than-usually unpleasant variety of wasp, which “parasitizes” a kind of butterfly called, fortuitously, the Phengaris rebeli. But get this: P. rebeli is ITSELF a parasite–so there’s justice for you.